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Space Cowboys

Around 2012, when I first became deeply interested in roleplaying games, I had a deep and unfaltering urge to write one. My GM experience was limited but I had played enough that I felt confident in my ability to produce a fully fledged book. Years later, I realized I was a touch misguided back then. Today I am on my fourth (that I can count) prototype of the game I started working on all those years ago. Only after absorbing as much rules and game content as I could, DMing and writing adventures as much as I could, have I managed to put together something that I am confident in. The Game, currently titled “Drier Deserts, Hotter Suns”, is a love letter to the space western genre. The design has hopefully been refined to make players feel like they are a part of the action. In the coming weeks I will give some insights on the game as well as some of the rules I feel contribute to my design philosophies. I will also hopefully detail the failed prototypes and timeline of the project, up


Welcome! The time has come for me to start posting blogposts. I may be late to the game but I think the whole "a wizard arrives precisely when he means to" thing applies here. So first, a bit about me: A software developer by trade, I've been playing table top RPGs for nearly 10 years. Not many to some but more than many. I started with D&D fourth edition then quickly regressed through third, second, and then to advanced with OSRIC, B/X with LOTFP, and now back to the future with fifth edition D&D. I've stumbled my way to competency as a dungeon master and in doing so I've honed a love for writing rules, map making, worldbuilding, and heavy weird fantasy. Aside from TRPGs I nerd out about all sorts of niche things and my collection of hobbies are vast. Hopefully I'll be able to explore some of those here. This blog, as I intend to keep it, will be a place to share my DMing tips and OSR creations. Keep an eye out for Homerules and the fruits of ru