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Cowboy Design

With the Space Western being such a diverse genre, writing rules has proved to be difficult and it has taken years of revisions and lessons learnt to get to a solid place. Through that, a set of design principles have emerged to help guide the formation of the current rule set. In this post, I'll go over some of those concepts and also reveal some of the mechanics that these concepts have informed. This is part 2 of a series detailing Drier Deserts, Hotter Suns, a space western rpg. Click here for part 1 DD/HS is now out on! Go download it here Modularity , The rules should be light enough and not bound together so tightly that tearing things out or adding them screws the game. Systems should be loose while the game remains cohesive. This means that hopefully you can fit the rules to your style of play or world. There are no rules for alien species as player characters, but it should be easy enough to add that to your game. Meanwhile, removing the swordplay rules